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Occultation III (PDF)


PDF Version (download) | 146 pages | Full Color | Unedited



In 2083, we find the US has been lost to an extreme religious fundamentalist group called the NMO (New Moral Order). The group spawned out of the phenomenon which 10 years earlier, had become evident. The world had become overpopulated and scientist speculate that 7 out of 10 born is identifying as gay. They call themselves, “One of Seven”. The religious right fears it’s the sign of the Apocalypse. Or do they? Are they just opportunists?
Targeting gays was just a start. Easy targets to brainwash the general public and instill fear. Once they “cleanse” the population of homosexuals, they target others. From this, the 592 are born. The 592 are a group of men determined to fight the NMO the best they can. Only not by waging war, but with science. The 592 also has an elite team. The 592 Extractors. The most dangerous of jobs. Theirs is to perform covert operations and extract people from danger. They are authorized to use any means necessary in order to complete their mission.
Occultation III (second to be released) takes place on Janus. Thinking the past was behind them, their way of life is threatened once again.



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