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This is the PDF version of the graphic novel, Occultation III. Full color, 144 pages. This is the second of a three-part series. Occultation I is the prequel to Occultation II & III and currently in production and scheduled to be complete by the end of 2018.

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Sequel to Occultation II

Occultaton I is a prequel to Occultation II and is currently in production.

Occultation contains:

  • adult language
  • adult situations
  • gay characters
  • violence
  • blood
  • sexual situations
  • nudity


It’s Tuesday, August, 24th 2483. The Earth has been under the power of the NMO (New Moral Order) for hundreds of years. Most of the planet’s surface has been destroyed. Under the strict rule of the NMO, the remaining population either lives in hiding or in fear. The NMO is free to do whatever they wish. The earth’s climate is spiraling out of control in a Venus-like greenhouse effect.

The religious fanatics wait for the end times. Day after day, month after month, year after year, and century after century. Repeated predictions never come to fruition. But the end of days may be coming sooner than they think but from a completely different source.

Ellis Becker is an extractor. A highly trained specialist whose purpose is to extract people, art, literature, and anything of value to the human race, without detection. He is authorized to use any force needed to accomplish this.


“If you know the Nostromo, or LV-426. If you’ve considered the plight of the replicant. If you know what “spice” is. Then you probably have an interest in alternative creative fiction focused on future realities. Like many of us, you are fascinated by stories like Blade Runner, Dune, Alien and many others. Consider then the excitement all those years ago when these amazing stories first came to life. What must it have felt like to be part of something so exciting right at the beginning? These treasured characters and worlds we all know and love came to us because of a collaboration between an artist with an amazing vision, and financial supporters who helped render the artist’s vision commercially viable. YOU CAN NOW BE PART OF SOMETHING EXTRAORDINARY! My friend Thom Collins is launching his graphic novel, OCCULTATION, on Kickstarter. His vision is a new take on a future dystopia – one where the characters and issues resonate with people today, YOU. His principal character, Ellis, stands tall with the likes of Ripley and Deckard and ‘David’. Got to his Kickstarter and check it out. Help shape the future of SciFi by making sure tdcollins OCCULTATION comes to life.” In Occultation, tdcollins brings to life a future world riddled with fear and violence, but where gay love will rock hate to its very foundations”

 Vincent Keith – mascular magazine




“Occultation is an astonishingly accomplished debut graphic novel by Thom Collins. His facility with the human form is on prominent display through this entire book, his characters’ colliding, crashing, careening, cajoling, conspiring bodies lovingly rendered in exquisite detail. This is a book about space, in both the interplanetary sense and in the distances between characters, their positions in the frame. It is amazing how much Collins communicates non-verbally, how much of his world building exists in the detailed machinery, the wrinkles of the fabric, the furrows in his characters’ chiseled features. The book mostly trusts the audience’s ability to understand the world as it is revealed to them, keeping exposition to the minimum so that our sense of this possible future emerges gradually, clarity emerging slowly as the details become occulted. Collins’ vision of the future is audacious in its premise, terrifying in its plausibility, and absolutely beautiful in its execution.”

Steve MacIsaac – Shirtlifter



“Set in the year 2483, Occultation has the intriguing tag-line: “Ellis (gay male) fights for the freedom from oppression and religious fundamentalism.” Sounds a lot like our world of today, right?

This adult graphic novel will have you engaged from the outset. The mood, setting, imagery and taut storyline at times makes you feel like you are watching a movie like Alien rather than reading a graphic novel. You can tell a lot has gone into the creation of this book. Thom has created a world so complete, it’s obvious that he planned and plotted the backstory out of not only the characters but the world that they inhabit as a whole.

Now I do not want to spoil the story for anyone by giving away plot points or spoilers so for that reason this review is going to be based purely on the way the book looks and reads. And boy you are not going to be disappointed one iota on both those counts.

The style of the artwork is spot on for a project of this nature. It truly compliments the atmosphere and mood of the story throughout. You end up being immersed in this world and can imagine in your mind the sound effects that would be used if this were ever made into a movie (and you Hollywood – yes, you, sitting in your lofty towers – this NEEDS to be made into a movie).

The story has tones of allegory throughout: taking themes of the real world and putting them into the context of a science fiction story to bring across its message. For this reviewer, it stands tall alongside many of the stories told in the classic Star Trek series of the 1960s that was famous for its topical storytelling of the day disguised in the guise of science fiction.

It is very easy with themes like those featured in this book to fall into the clichéd realms of other similar storylines but everything just seemed to fit perfectly together in this. From the opening to the end page, and to the plot and the artwork and the sex scenes – yep, I said sex scenes – (it is, after all, an adult gay graphic novel) are all handled so well.

Designed with a trilogy in mind, the end of part one will want you clamouring impatiently for the second volume, with the hope that questions raised will be answered.

Those of you familiar with class science fiction/fantasy magazine anthologies Heavy Metal Magazine and Omni will feel right at home with this graphic novel. And for those that are not, then you are in for a right treat.

We need more thought-provoking gay graphic novels like this. So if you are a fan of sci-fi, or well-written fiction, trendsetting artwork or Bears, then this is THE project to get behind from the very start and become a part of the beginning of something very special.

You will not be disappointed in supporting this project.

Look out for the January issue of ALL BEAR where we will be chatting to creator/writer/artist Thom Collins about his creation and we will be featuring some art from the world of Occultation in the Bear Art section in the same issue.”

Colin Gunn – All Bear Magazine


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